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Underrated Volleyball Club

Underrated Volleyball Club (UVC) is a 501c(3) committed to providing an environment where young female athletes improve in the game of volleyball and grow as young women. Athletes who are a part of this club will learn the importance of team, hard work, perseverance, spirit and sportsmanship. At UVC we uphold a culture of excellence and strong communication. We foster the development of skills and techniques necessary for players to compete at a high level game of volleyball focusing on the emotional, mental and physical development of our athletes. While the coaching staff teaches the essential volleyball skills, we pour lifelong lessons into our athletes such as: leadership, teamwork, communication, adaptiveness, ethics, and much more. Here at UVC we obtain underrated greatness.

Underrated Volleyball Club Values:
*Run a well-organized club consisting of the following: tryouts, clinics, practices, tournaments, social events, and community involvement.
*Maintain an athlete centered volleyball program.
*Sustain our coaching philosophy which is based on positive reinforcement, encouragement, and motivation, while providing a disciplined environment.
*Every athlete will have the opportunity to achieve her maximal potential, developmentally and/or competitively, in the pursuit of excellence.
*Advise and mentor our athletes in order to timely and effectively market them to college volleyball programs.
*Build a passion and love for the sport of volleyball. 

We measure the success of our athletes and club through athlete’s individual skill improvement and team improvement throughout the season.

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Underrated Volleyball Club

Phone: 702-443-4572